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Owner Eric Berkey, understands the need to fully manage a project to meet a client’s expectations. He believes in a hands-on management style, open communication and is fully engaged in the construction process from beginning to end.


Quality you can count on

Iowa Concrete Professionals was founded in 2002, and for the past 16 years we have been the "go-to" Iowa concrete construction company to deliver the quality and service people look for across Central Iowa. Whether you are needing commercial work done, or need help completing a large residential project, we are here for you. Quality concrete work demands attention to detail and Iowa Concrete Professionals understands the importance of a solid foundation, not only for you, but for your next concrete project as well.


Craftsmen and Vendors

Iowa Concrete Professionals employs the finest craftsmen in the business. The specialized skills these artisans contribute are integral to your concrete construction process. There's more to it than simply pouring concrete. We work with very talented people and are proud to back them with our name.


The contributions of our vendors are also beholden to our company philosophy. When we partner with a vendor it is because they are first in class. Our ability to cultivate extensive, long-term relationships with vendors translates into a better value and higher quality project for you. Our clients and their families will appreciate this for many years to come.

Give us a call today and let Concrete Professionals take care of your new concrete or broken concrete needs.

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